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ABCAUS Excel Accounting Template for Windows

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An Excel spreadsheet template for ABCAUS double entry accounting

ABCAUS Excel Accounting Template is a template that is typically used by double entry accounting software. It is mostly ideal for smaller professional firms that use a cash method when accounting. It is suitable for smaller businesses that that use a simple invoicing and accounting system, and for smaller businesses that use double-entry accounting.

A convenient time saver and a handy template

The ABCAUS Excel Accounting Template has its own mechanism for issuing receipts and invoices, and it populates them into your spreadsheet automatically for you. As a user, you may define accounting headers that are used to record transactions. The template may also be used to track your unpaid bills, unpaid invoices, and unpaid domestic and international taxes. The template is ideal for people working in and from India, though there is a global version that allows users to choose their own currency and their own accounting periods.A menu driven template that is relatively simple. Obviously, one could only call the ABCAUS Excel Accounting Template simple when compared to numerous other templates. Nevertheless, it has a simplicity about it that is lacking in many other templates, and it is menu driven and user friendly too. There are pop up sections that help you recognize where you have added an incorrect entry, and it may be used with the ABCAUS accounting software.

ProsIt is user friendly

The help alerts allow you to see your errors

ABCAUS Accounting Template can handle Billing, Invoicing and Double Entry Accounting

The software aims at providing a solution for full fledged auto Billing, Receipts and Double Entry Accounting for small to medium size accounting or consulting firms. The users can define accounting heads and service types. Once a Bill or a receipt is issued to a client, it automatically record them both for reporting and accounting purpose. Also user have choice for selecting among payment, receipt, contra or journal vouchers for recording expenses or miscellaneous receipts.

It is totally menu driven, too simple to operate, Popup help boxes are available at each step and above all it supports voucher entries and double entry accounting. Not to mention it is totally free

ABCAUS Excel Accounting Template is aimed at small accounting/consulting firms that render various services to their client


  • It is user friendly
  • The help alerts allow you to see your errors


  • The use of bold and mismatched colours are ugly
  • Fonts and the layout is old fashioned


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ABCAUS Excel Accounting Template


ABCAUS Excel Accounting Template 9 for PC


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  • bijakin tukinteeb

    by bijakin tukinteeb

    wow i really enjoyed your software and I recommand you do that to improve the learners to learn persistently.
    Thank you very much.More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    very unique.
    the abcaus has demonstrated double entry accounting in a very userfriendly and attractive manner with amazingly doneMore

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